Adult Hockey FAQ

Q: Do I need to be experienced in order to play hockey in the City Ice Pavilion Adult League?
A: No! We offer Divisions 1 through 4 based on skill level. Division skill level is broken down by 1 being the most experienced (former college/club hockey players) and 4 being the least experienced. Our Adult Learn to Play program is strongly recommended before participation in the Adult League. For more information on the Adult Learn to Play program, visit our Adult Hockey page on our website.

Q: How do I get on an adult team if I am new to the program?
A: When you fill out the Free Agent Sign Up form, you will be placed in a free agent pool. It works as a waiting list to find a team. This could be found on the Adult Hockey League tab. The Adult Hockey Coordinator will work with the captains of existing teams to find roster availability. You will be placed on a team that needs players of your skill level.

Openings are not guaranteed as soon as possible; please be patient on the waiting list.

Q: How do I know how to rate my skill level as a player?
A: Please contact our Adult League Coordinator for a basic description of each division/where you should be comfortable playing.

Q: What equipment do I need to play hockey?
A: We encourage players to wear all necessary protective gear on the ice. That includes a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards, gloves, hockey pants, and cups. Full-face masks are also wise. A helmet with facial protection is required (Important: at least a half-shield is required for any program here at CIP)

Q: Is there a women-only adult hockey program or team?
A: Due to limited ice availability, City Ice Pavilion’s Adult Learn to Play program and Adult Hockey League are coed.

Q: Does CIP offer any open ice/stick and puck time?
A: Absolutely! Please check our Master Schedule for weekly schedules of Stick and Puck or Open Hockey. Subject to change.

For more information, please contact

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Due to inclement weather conditions, we will be closed on Saturday, 1/29/2022. Please continue to check our website for updates.

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As this Sunday's Five-Boro Bike Tour will probably disrupt your travel to the rink, please plan ahead as there will be no make-ups due to lateness, missed classes, or practice. Thanks for your understanding

Our Public Session is back on Sunday, 11/7! Pre-registration for admission is required. Skate rental fees will be paid in-house at the main office.

This Sunday, 11/7 clocks fall back at 2:00 am, ending Daylight Savings Time. Also, we are issuing a traffic alert for the NYC Marathon 2021. Please allow extra travel time getting to the rink

The rink is closed from Tuesday, 7/13 7pm to Wednesday, 7/14 12pm because the DEP needs to shut off the water supply in the area. Stay tuned for Wednesday, 7/14 afternoon program.

Please be advised that lunch-time open hockey is canceled from Tuesday, 5/17 to Friday, 5/20.

Today, Tuesday, 5/31 12:00 pm Open Hockey is canceled.