Gear Storage

Need to Store Your Gear?
We have Lockers and Storage Space Available!

Rink-side Lockers
$72 for six months ($12/month)
Small lockers
· $132 for six months ($22/month)
Medium lockers
· $162 for six months ($27/month)
Medium/large lockers
· $192 for six months ($32/month)
Large lockers
· $222 for six months ($37/month)

Bag Storage
Storage Room or Ladies Locker Room bag storage
· $102 for six months ($17/month)

In Addition
1. Six-month terms.
2. All rentals renew automatically. Cancellations must be made via email to Marjorie Harrow,, 30 days prior to rental expiration.

To inquire about locker or gear storage availability, get in touch with Marjorie Harrow at 718-706-6667 or send her an email at

Storage and Locker Room Guidelines

All Storage Space* and Locker Room Guidelines

1. City Ice Pavilion is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
2. Store your property at your own risk.
3. No refunds, no credits, no make-goods.
4. Credit card on file will be charged at the end of each term unless City Ice Pavilion is notified otherwise.
5. Property will be removed from locker or slot room for non-payment.
6. City Ice Pavilion is not responsible for personal property left at the rink for which payment is overdue.
7. Unattended gear or personal articles left in the Men’s Locker Room will be removed.
8. All gear or mesh bags in any storage area must be identified by a City Ice Pavilion bag tag.
9. Gear or mesh bags stored anywhere on the premises except in approved locations will be considered abandoned.
10. Abandoned or unidentified equipment in any location will become the property of City Ice Pavilion after six- months.
11. Free storage is no longer available.
12. Locker room and slot room minimum commitment: six months.
13. Slot room cost: $17/month

*Approved storage spaces:
* Storage Room: Lobby Level
* Ladies Locker Room: 2nd floor
* Mesh Bag Storage Room: top of stairs between 2nd and 3rd floors leading to roof

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